Bedroom interior inspiration

My love for interior design has always been strong. Now after all the hard grafting of stripping off old wall paper, filling in dents and cracks, smoothing out all the walls with sandpaper and painting walls, doors and ceilings, my bedroom was finally ready to move into. I am now fully moved into my bedroom. I am doing the exciting part of soft furnishing and accessorizing. As always when I need inspiration, I headed onto pinterest to search for cute and simple ideas in my colour scheme.

The colour scheme for my bedroom is blush pink, navy blue and gold.

I have started collecting bits over the past few weeks. My favourite
shops have been tkmaxx/homesense, primark and ikea.


I now have a bookcase to fill with all my Uni work and nursing books.
I have a dressing table which is half university work and half beauty.


Bedroom interior inspiration from pinterest

When I am fully happy with my bedroom design I will write another post showcasing it, but for now, I might show snippets on my instagram, so keep your eyes peeled.

Lottie x

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