Speedway – 2017

Johny from WelshMansPerspective.com invited me to go with him to the 2017 Speedway GP in Cardiff. The Wales Blog Network had kindly offered him the opportunity to review a local sports event and as neither of us had been to a motorbike race before we did not know what to expect but were filled with excitement.

Johny and I both had VIP tickets which enabled us to watch the practice races on the Friday, entry to the main event on the Saturday and we were also allowed backstage to view the pit lanes on both days.

There was a great atmosphere in and around the stadium, especially in the fan zone, which consisted of the sponsors – Monster Energy, vintage motorbikes, signings from the racers, bike tricks and of course yummy food and drinks.

It was actually very interesting to learn how the races work and about the motorbikes themselves. The fuel they use is methanol and is actually made from one of my favourite foods….. potatoes!

Backstage was very busy with the drivers and their teams preparing for the races, along with the legal standard checks and the media and television coverage. I managed to snap a pic with one of the British racers Tai Woffinden.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend full of motorbikes, it was definitely a new and exciting experience and am grateful to the target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”Wales Blog Network for letting me come along.



  1. November 4, 2017 / 12:09 pm

    Oooooo this sounds quite interesting, not usually something I think I’d enjoy but by the sounds of it there was something for everyone! I bet Johnny enjoyed too.

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